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TryFundMe is the most effective and innovative way for your Charity/Non-profit to turn your supporters into passionate fundraisers, create a peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, start various charitable events and join our amazing fundraising community. TryFundMe welcomes all registered charities/non-profits from a local animal protection organization to the global medical research institutions.

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FREE no annual fees


TryFundMe will only charge 5%

Includes credit card fees.

Nearly every other site charges 8%.

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Currently we use STRIPE

Includes credit card fees.

Nearly every other site charges 8%.

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Core Features

Unlimited Fundraising

Unlimited number of individual and organisation fundraising.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Turn your supporters into fundraisers and receive money from their social network.

Branded customised solutions

Choose your own theme and have your Charity/Non-profit logo displayed on your page.

24/7 support

Contact our friendly support team at any given time for any inquires you might have.

Fundraising freedom

Available in every major currency and receive donations from all over the world.

Content freedom

Flexibility to change your content and the media displayed on your Charity/Non-profit page at any time.

Unlimited donations

Receive unlimited donations from your supporters.

Social networking

Build your social network by displaying your social network links on your page.