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About Us

Based in London, United Kingdom, TryFundMe is a unique online global fundraising platform with an aim to bring positive changes worldwide. TryFundMe lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and events to charity/non-profit and more. We’re helping people from all over the world raise millions online.

We provide simple donation and fundraising tools for individuals and large global campaigns or local charitable events, aiming to facilitate donations all over the world. Our fundraising platform to :

  • Share and promote your courses online .
  • Support you favorite causes.
  • Track your donations in real time.

Our vision is to build an online community with an intention to bring positive changes in the world. Our technology provides better support to individuals, non-profits and companies in order to improve the lives of those most in need.

An agile platform for influenced, inspired people

How does TryFundMe work?

TryFundMe is a fundraising website that lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. We provides a dynamic platform for those creators who can represent their unique and genuine ideas to connected communities all over the globe. People will surely support you, for your worthy cause and they will help you by donating money.

TryFundMe cares about your cause and we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Raise money for those who need help and show your charitble impact to the world. We support you and put the power in your hands to raise money for your personal needs and other causes. You can share your story and expand your reach in audiences.

Our 24*7 friendly and supportive team are ready to assist

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For media & marketing enquiries:

Marketing & Partnerships partner@tryfundme.com

Press & Mediamedia@tryfundme.com

TryFundMe is the best, unique and all-inclusive online global donation and crowdfunding platform. Our dedication is to ensure positive changes worldwide.

  • Dedicated Support

    Our 24*7 fundraising support and dedicated team ensure you raise more money online.

  • Trusted

    Our team is dedicated to ensure transparency of TryFundMe by providing tools that safeguards our visitor's day to day use of our crowdfunding platform.

  • Easy

    Start accepting donations in 5 minutes or less. No approval process and instant payments.

  • Fundraising Freedom

    Available globally and in every major currency.